Sons of Guns And The Number Of Zed-Zed, MDCCCLXXXVIII

A trail of яevεlατion: “Doriαn Græy, The π-D Coherent ACausal Picture”.
A Cavafyan Surrealistic & Orwellian Aphoristic Exposé.
A Rhetorical Research Thesis of a "Nietzche" MetaPhysical Rapprochement on the cultivation of the Socio-EcoNomical Status Quo.
Laboured by a Senior Research Fellow on Chaos and Catastrophe and based on a framework of industrial (1838 - 1938 CE) but pro "en masse" firearms production.
Centered around 1888, corroboration on the Human and, its Hellenic Influence, capability and nemesis towards cataclysm on the Chimaera of "EcoNomy".
Composed on a Socratic PerSpective, but Aesopic Rythm, utilizing the writer's own experiences and knowledge.

Dr. Χαος

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Time Brethren,
there is escape Not only hope,
Spent Your Limited Time Wisely,
masturbari non ora.

Εωσφορος Φιλαληϑης, Ο Κυνικος